Historically, shared stories of black queer love in the media, pop culture, and society have been limited, typecasted and generally molded to fit the acceptance of the heteronormative mindset. And while we are starting to see more and more images of black queers who are in love with one another, those images lack true diversity and are often told from a restrictive gaze. lovedby.her is dispelling that narrative.

As a black queer, whether you identify as a lesbian, bisexual, trans or non-binary–your images should be properly reflected in the community that represents your identity among these digital and societal mediums. Our mission is to not only properly showcase images of black queer love in full scope, but to tell your stories and build a digital community that provides true acceptance, safety and representation.





Kee Simone is a digital creative specialist from Washington, D.C., who works full-time in digital marketing while running her various creative brands on the side. It was her desire to create a safe and diverse space for black queer love to be celebrated that birthed this very platform.



Social Media Manager

South Florida bred and Howard University fed, Candis is doing her best to be the change she wants to see in this world–while advocating for all things fat, fine and gay as hell.



Production Assitant

Ashlee is an outspoken creative from NYC who currently resides in Chicago. She creates wigs for women with alopecia and soon trying her hand in fashion. In her spare time she enjoys thrifting, and traveling with her partner.