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4 Black Queer Writers You Should Be Following

As you know #TheCozyCorner is invested in highlighting queer Black writers and artists that are tastemakers and culture changers. For our very first post, we will be adding to your library a list of queer gems that continue to push the borders of creativity and feed our community with exceptional artistic content.

Check out our list of queer writers you need to know:

Faylita Hicks (she/her/they) is a Black queer writer from Gardena, CA. Hicks is also a mobile photographer and performance artist. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Huffington Post, POETRY Magazine, The Rumpus and more. Next month, be on the lookout for her debut collection with Acre Books entitled HoodWitch. According to Bitch Media, Hicks’ debut collection, “...examines what power looks like when reclaimed by Black women and nonbinary people.” Check out her website and Twitter, @FaylitaHicks to stay in the know.

Kai Davis (she/her) is a poet from Philadelphia, PA. Davis is also a teaching artist and International Slam Champion. She has performed for TEDx, CNN, BET among others. Kai’s debut collection entitled Aint I? examines Blackness, womanhood, queerness and mental health. Check out her work on her website and stay connected by following her on Twitter, @KaiDavisPoet.

Britteney Black Rose Kapri (she/her) is a poet from Chicago, IL. She is also a teaching artist, petty enthusiast and Slytherin. Kapri’s work has appeared in POETRY Magazine, The Offing, Seven Scribes, and more. Her debut Black Queer Hoe (Haymarket Books, September 2018) explores her questions of sexality, reclamation and power, and identity. Be sure to check out her website and follow her on Twitter, @BlkRseKapri.

Clarissa Brooks (she/her) is a movement Journalist and community organizer based in Atlanta, GA. Her essays have appeared in Bustle, The Guardian, Medium, Teen Vogue, and more. Want an unapologetic, fresh perspective on current events and music, be sure to follow her on Twitter, @clarissambrooks and catch up on her already published work here.

Written by: B.A. Williams (@Bawthewriteher)


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