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New Year, New Body: 5 Black Queer Fitness Trainers You Should Know

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The New Year is approaching, so you know what that means: New Year, New You. I am almost 100% sure that everyone's New Year resolutions involve fitness of some sort. And while that is attainable for some, for others it may seem like an arduous journey. Well LBH is here to ease the pain of getting started by curating a list of physical trainers and fitness gurus that can help you get in the right direction.

In the first part of this series, LBH talks to five fitness pros as they explain what fitness means to them, where you can inquire about their services, and what they offer that separates them from the rest.

#ONE: Jiordan @FitWithJio

What does fitness mean to Jiordan:

Jiordan is a fitness coach who believes that fitness is the ultimate self care. When asked what fitness means to her she said “everything makes sense when you are in the gym, it all clicks and it all fits how it is supposed to. It’s the opportunity to consistently challenge yourself and hold yourself accountable to reach your own personal goals. The opportunity to feel comfortable and safe in your own skin & continuously show up for yourself even when it’s hard or you don’t want to.”

Where to inquire:

The name of Jiordan’s brand is “Fit with Jio”

She can be reached on her website

Her IG also includes a variety of guided work out videos.


A majority of the clients that Jiordan works with have the goal of losing weight, but she has also worked with clients that desire to bulk or get stronger. Jiordan accepts all clients, but wishes to work with more masc centered folks looking put on size or work towards a specific look that will make them feel more comfortable in their own skin.

What makes you different:

“I don’t know if it specifically makes me different but at the time I saw a lot of trainers that were just in it for the money, pushing their clients to do things they had no business doing with incorrect form and just an overall waste of their money. I try to approach fitness with a realistic yet optimistic view. We might not be able to get you exactly where you want to be in the time we have together but we can get as close as possible as sustainable as possible. I aim to teach my clients how to be self sufficient in the gym and in their eating habits so when we are done they have the confidence to continue on their fitness goals. Honestly if you aren’t used to moving around that often, and you start regularly exercising and eating a more conscious diet, the weight is gonna drop, that’s almost guaranteed. It’s the mental that I prefer to focus on. My clients wins are my wins & I be so excited to win with them”

What does fitness mean to Hannah:

Hannah is a personal trainer who says fitness is a way of life. When asked what fitness means to her she answered: “It’s a release, something that I will always have to pull me out of whatever funk I'm in. Simply put, it’s a safe haven for me. Once I found what motivated me and peaked my interest in the gym, showing up everyday felt less like a chore and more so a privilege. My mindset changed from, “I have to lose weight,” to “I get to go in and challenge myself today!” The beauty is that everyday is different, but your fight has to remain consistent.”

Where to inquire:

The name of Hannah’s brand is “The Alpha Co”.

She can be reached at


Hannah primarily focuses on weight loss/gain and strength building. She offers customized 6 week programs that are based on your current fitness level and goals.

What makes you different:

“I feel like what makes me different is being able to relate to each client in some sort of way. I’m very adaptable to my clients needs and wants. Some clients need a drill sergeant, others need that reassurance throughout their training. Whichever, I make it a point to learn and anticipate each of my clients learning styles.”

What does fitness mean to Randi:

Randi is a Personal Trainer who says “fitness is a journey and process that we have to learn to fall in love with. Falling in love with fitness is more rewarding than people may think. During this process you get to know your true limits and learn how to push past those limits.”

Where to inquire:

The name of Randi’s brand is “Bigger Than Me Fitness LLC”.

She is a manager/trainer at FDL Compound,which is located at 1959 Metropolitan Pkwy SW Atlanta, GA 30315


Randi specializes in weight loss, strength and conditioning, and boxing cardio.

What makes you different:

“What makes me different from other trainers is that unlike some I wasn’t just naturally in shape. I didn’t play organized sports as a child. I was once 270lbs so I understand how it feels and what it takes to fall in love with the journey and process of fitness and that it’s an ongoing journey.”

What does fitness mean to Bria:

Bria is a fitness instructor who believes Fitness = great mental health. When asked what fitness means to her she said “I first got into working out due to seasonal depression! I was so tired of laying around in bed feeling sorry for myself. I started going to my apartment gym slowly but surely, but I definitely kicked it into gear once the pandemic started! All that time in the house I might as well make use of it!”

Where to inquire:

The name of Bria’s brand is “Art of Rope RVA”.

She teaches at Elite Nutrition in Richmond, VA!


Bria loves to focus on full body toning. She says “Jumping rope is the highest form of cardio you are able to do over running! It’s an amazing toning workout for the arms and legs” During her class she also incorporates the use of kettlebell exercises that focus on your legs and arms.

What makes you different:

“I feel that my program is different from the rest because there is a little something for everyone! With a rope or without you are getting an amazing workout that puts your mind AND body to the test!”

What does fitness mean to Kianna:

Kianna is a physical trainer who believes that fitness is the maintenance of your overall health, mind, body and spirit. When asked what fitness means to her she answered “Fitness does not stop at just the physical but includes the health of your entire being. I focus on physical fitness but I encourage everyone to also improve their overall fitness levels. Check in with yourself, are you mentally well, how does your spirit feel? These all fall under fitness.”

Where to inquire:

YouTube: @The_Ki2Fitness.

For booking email for availability and scheduling.


Kianna specializes in training women. Her program includes weight training on all levels, as the most effective way to change the body and HIIT style workouts for reducing fat and increasing endurance.

Kiana explains why she focuses on women: “After having my son, I realized how much of a journey it was to reclaim my body and to be honest it’s an ongoing process that is not always so pretty. Countless women began reaching out to me for tips and even workout programs to help them get back to the body they knew and loved. This inspired me to help more women reclaim their bodies.”

Kiana says “Whether it be general aging or childbirth, women’s bodies are constantly transitioning and changing.” So she helps women embrace the change by increasing their strength and confidence. Her program includes weight training on all levels, as the most effective way to change the body and HIIT style workouts for reducing fat and increasing endurance.

What makes you and your program different:

The Ki2Fitness stands out from other programs because I not only strive to create a network of women empowering women to reach their goals but also to implement key changes to their lives to attain and maintain a body they love again. I don’t encourage meal prepping and my program only requires 3 sessions a week, each about an hour long. My biggest key is to not change anything you can’t see as a lifelong sustainable change. There is far more flexibility in achieving long term health goals than I believe the fitness world makes it seem. I’m here to give you the keys to unlock change in your life to find success in achieving your personal fitness goals.”

Written by: Amber C. (ohambamm)


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