Spring To-Do's: 5 Ways You Can Recharge Your Relationship

    Photo Credit/blog.blackgirlhealth

    Not feeling so lucky about being confined at home with your partner for the next couple of weeks? That probably means that the spring cleaning you planned to knock out during this quarantine shouldn’t just be limited to the closets throughout your house. Sometimes your relationship, and all the emotions involved in it, need a little spring cleaning as well.

    Sharing space, emotions, stress and everything in between is bound to create emotional clutter in your relationship. And like with most clutter, instead of going through it, we tend to push it aside or bury it all together. Now is the time to surface and work through any emotional cobwebs present in your relationship; making room for a more positive and refreshed foundation for your union to grow stronger.

    Here are five steps to get started on this type of spring cleaning:

    #1 Clear our those relationship cobwebs

    Are there parts of your relationship that feel old and dusty? Has the quality of your connection deteriorated? Relationships, of any magnitude or length, require constant maintenance and consistent efforts from both parties involved. Identify the parts of your relationship that could use a tune up and agree on ways those parts can be refreshed.

    #2 Sweep under the rug

    It’s so much easier to push serious topics under the rug than to sit and talk through them. But, the thing about dust and dirt, is that they always find their way back up to the surface. Create a safe space for both you and your partner to lay your grievances on the table. This will require a level of patience, understanding and the ability to truly listen. Don’t go into another year still carrying the emotional baggage of the past. This is the perfect time to maturely unload and move on from issues that are hindering your growth as a couple.

    #3 Unplug or plug in–but with one another

    Are you all spending enough quality time together? What can you all do to be more present in your partnership? Now, more than ever, we all will be on our phones, ipads, laptops and game consoles. But knowing your relationship could use a recharge, try unplugging or plugging into activities together instead of apart. Like putting your phones away for dinner, and instead discussing the ways you all can spend more time together.

    #4 Freshen up the bedroom

    Start saying yes and stop saying no. This is the perfect time to bring some excitement to the bedroom; whether it’s trying positions you haven’t before or bringing in props. What are steps you all can take to improve your sexual connection?

    #5 Set up a maintenance schedule

    No point in putting everything out on the table if change implemented by actual action doesn’t follow. Discuss in what ways moving forward you all will continue to declutter and refresh your emotional connection. Plan dates for when we are all back out the house, create new projects you all can do together and continue to create space for future emotional check-ins.

    Remember, relationship maintenance should never stop! These types of spring cleaning conversations should happen at least once or twice a year to ensure that you and your partner are loving one another the right way.