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6 Black Lesbian YouTube Couples You Should Be Subscribed To

Happy pride month lovers! While we wish we were celebrating with you all in-person at the various pride events in each of our respective cities, COVID-19 has canceled that for us. Nonetheless, we felt it important to highlight and praise some black lesbian and queer Youtube content creators who are using their platforms to share more stories and images of black queer love. Efforts that have never been more important, especially during times like these when so many black folks are not only fighting for their rights, but are making sure their stories, successes and history are being told through the right lenses.

Check out six black lesbian and queer Youtuble couples you should be following for wholesome and beautiful black love.

LeeLee + Gramz

See as one of the most popular black lesbian Youtuble couples, LeeLee and Gramz give subscribers weekly views into their home life, which includes traveling together, working out, playing pranks, raising two children and even attending church. What makes their channel so different is that while you see their life together, you also see their life apart, for example they display LeeLee’s fashion lookbooks and beauty tutorials.

Watch + subscribe to them here.

Tia + Elan

Since couple Tia and Elan are no strangers to Youtube (they have been vlogging since 2016), their channel is like taking a trip down memory lane of how simple life used to be, and how simple life can continue to be when you are doing it with the person you love. From dance videos, to moving vlogs, to relationship advice to their first snow show; Tia and Elan have shared their entire relationship with us, and we are very grateful to experience the love they share.

Watch + subscribe to them here.

E’s in the Pod

Need a mental break from current news and social coverage? E’s in the Pod is the perfect combination of black lesbian love, family dynamics, gender roles and your typical not so typical queer experiences. Summer and Kendall are Black married lesbians raising two daughters. They share with their subscribers their everyday life while also leading conversations around navigating queer relationships, mental health and being parents.

Watch + subscribe to them here.

Brittney & Dorrie

Married couple Britt and Dorrie are fun, energetic, silly, and quirky with love for each other that provides a breath of fresh air from your typical Youtube couple channels. In addition to the traditional prank and joke videos Youtube couples tend to post, Britt and Dorrie also give us a heart-warming glimpse into the life they share with one another. From cooking dinner with another while giving us life updates to Dorrie taking us with her on her girl night’s out; you’ll definitely feel like you are apart of their world.

Watch + subscribe to them here.

Mia & Dae

If there is any type of couple that is completely underrepresented in the black lesbian community it’s one that includes two fem partners. It’s truly something we rarely see, so when we stumbled across Mia & Dae’s channel we knew we had to include them on our list! You can tell that they are both girlfriends and garrlllfriends as they do couples yoga, share tea time and take us on shopping trips with them. Make sure to check out their “How We Met” tea time video, it will make your heart smile like it made ours.

Watch + subscribe to them here.

The Tripod

Are you poly or interested in becoming poly, and have been looking for poly lebsians to watch on Youtube? Meet Kelia, Dey and Asia, a masc-masc-fem partner unit who make up The Tripod. After three years of dating, Kelia and Day decided to add Asia to their union of love, and share their journey as a new polyamorous family with all of their subscribers.

Watch + subscribe to them here.

Written by: Josephine C. (@ColouredSpirit_)

Photo Credit: Cultura RM/Laura Doss / Getty


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