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Quarantine + Chill: 6 Must Watch Black Queer Films for Womxn

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This mandatory quarantine has most of us permanently planted on the couch with survival snacks in one hand and the remote in the other. But which films are on your Netflix watch list? Because we feel like this is the perfect time to watch or rewatch some of the few films that predominantly feature a black queer womxn lead.

Check out our list of the six must-watch black queer films for womxn below! You can make it a date night with your partner or go live with your online friends for a virtual watch party.

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#1 Set It Off

Let’s start with a classic! Iconic rapper and actress, Queen Latifah, stars as the lead in this crime drama about a group of womxn who commit a slew of bank robberies to better their lives. As one of the first images of a masc presenting black womxn in Hollywood, Cleo (Queen Latifah) is still referred to in black queer pop culture today.

Where can you binge: Youtube + Amazon Prime

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#2 Mystère à la Tour Eiffel

A lesser know film, this French period piece tells the love story between Henriette (Aïssa Maïga), a magician’s assistant, and Louise Massart (Marie Denarnaud), daughter of the architect who designed the Eiffel Tower. The two work together to clear Louise's, who has been framed for murder, name and find love with one another along the way.

Where you can binge: Here!

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#3 The Watermelon Woman

The name Cheryl Dunye might sound familiar if you are a fan of Queen Sugar, Claws or even the movie My Baby’s Daddy. But Cheryl’s reputation of being a praised filmmaker started with her self-directed, written, and edited narrative feature film The Watermelon Woman. Which she used as a backdrop to explore how black queer actors and stories are left ignored and erased from cinematic history.

Where can you binge: Youtube + Amazon Prime

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#4 Pariah

Easily one of the most popular black lesbian films of our generation, this semi-autobiographical film directed by Dee Rees; tells the story of 17-year-old Alike. And her journey as she settles into her sexuality; and how she navigates communicating this realization with herself and her family.

Where can you binge: Youtube + Amazon Prime

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#5 Rafiki

This Kenya drama film tells the story of lesbians Kena and Ziki, who begin dating one another even though their fathers are political rivals and homosexuality is deemed illegal in their country. Throughout the film we see the two young girls fall in love, being tragically torn apart and eventually reunited to continue the love they share.

Where can you binge: Amazon Prime

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#6 Bessie

Yes we are featuring both Queen Latifah and Dee Rees on our list twice–but can you be mad at us?! Directed by Rees, and starring Latifah in the leading role, this biopic highlights the story and life of famed blues singer Bessie Smith. Bessie is known to have various lovers, including men and women, in addition to being “The Empress of the Blues.”

Where can you binge: Youtube, Amazon Prime + HBO Now


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