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#ThisIsNotAPhase: 6 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Bi Girl

Photo credit: Stocksy

Do you consistently find yourself attracting bisexual womxn but aren’t exactly sure how to navigate, well, their bisexuality?

Too often, bisexual womxn deal with the erasure of their identity both within the queer community and throughout the heterosexual world. And as their potential partner, it’s your job to feel secure with where their identity lands on the sexuality scale before you even start dating them.

Here are six tips to help you get started.

She existed before you. There is no such thing as turning a bi girl out. Even if you are her first experience with another womxn, it doesn’t take away the feelings she’s probably already had for years.

There are preferences. Just because a girl comes out as bisexual doesn’t mean she wants just anyone. Don’t assume she’s checking out every single guy in the room just because they are in the room.

It’s not any easier. Don’t think just because she’s bisexual and attractive that she has all the dating options. If anything, it opens her up to be twice as vulnerable and open for double the rejection.

It’s not a show for you to see. Just because you haven’t seen her acting on her feelings doesn’t mean she’s not bi. It takes time for anyone to fully come out. Don’t assume otherwise based on what you do or don’t see.

Dating you doesn’t change her label. Being in a same-sex relationship with you doesn’t make her a lesbian, any more than being in an opposite-sex relationship makes her straight. Don’t erase her identity or pasts.

There’s no doubt about it. Don’t assume she just switched genders because of a bad breakup or a bad experience. Just because she’s been with only men or only women doesn’t mean she isn’t bi.

Written by: Josephine C. (@ColouredSpirit_)


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