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Uplifting Our Transgender Siblings: 6 Trans Funds You Can Donate Too

Photo credit: Vice

Through the hustle and bustle of life, we sometimes forget the struggles of others in our community. While trans individuals have always had a harder time “fitting in” when it comes to the molds of our society and being accepted for who they are as wonderful, amazingly bright people, 2022 has been determined to make it harder for them. We seem to live in a continuous state of unprecedented times that keep getting more devastating as the months go on, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look out for one another. March 31st was International Transgender Day of Visibility, and while the day has come and gone, we can’t forget out trans siblings that struggle with homelessness, gender dysphoria and so much more in our country.

Here are a list of Trans Charities that seek to make life easier for our siblings:

They seek to help the small community of Black Trans women on the streets of Atlanta, GA—many of them are sex workers.

While there are many documentaries about sex workers and their rights, there are few about Black and Brown sex workers and how they shaped the industry and the movement. This project is to document their history, rights, gender identity and so much more throughout the United States.

Helps to employ Black Trans people and making the world more accepting of our Trans community.

They wish to create change by sharing and uplifting the narratives, leadership, and lives of trans people.

Aiming to help trans people who have been arrested in NYC jails by paying cash bails.

A Memphis, TN based charity that supports trans women

Written by: Sammy B.


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