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#QuarantineInLove: 6 Ways To Keep The Romance Alive During Quarantine

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Thinking about date ideas for your significant other during these uncertain times may seem a bit frivolous, but keeping the spark in your relationship alive and healthy is more important than ever. High-stress levels, unspoken tension, busy at-home work schedules, and the desire for as much personal space as possible, can easily put romance on the back burner. But finding ways to continue to “take your partner out” and spending quality time together, regardless of the world’s current circumstances, will only benefit your relationship in the long run.

Here are six quick and easy date ideas for couples who are quarantined together or practicing social distancing apart.

Staying in for dinner (because what other option do you have)

Together: Grocery shopping has become a source of stress for many, but the calm that comes with crafting a meal with your partner makes it worth your while. Bon Appetit magazine put together a list of recipes that best utilize your groceries. And if you don't want to cook or can’t, you can support your local business and order in.

Apart: Find an easy recipe that you both can prep, cook and enjoy together via Facetime.

Go on a walk

Together: Even though we all are being ordered to stay inside, it’s still important to get fresh air. What’s more romantic than a lovely stroll around the neighborhood?

Apart: Plan for the two of you to take a walk around your respective neighborhoods at the same time. You guys can use this time to catch up on each other's day and take a much needed break from working at home.

Take personal space when you need it

Together: Even the smallest distance can make the heart grow fonder. It’s important to allow yourself alone time during this pandemic. Everyone needs time to themself and it can’t just be when they’re using the bathroom. Work with your partner to schedule some time to be apart together.

Apart: Even during a pandemic, being in constant contact with your partner can get overwhelming. Designate hour blocks for “me time” where your partner can respectfully provide you with space without being offended or rejected.

Movie/TV date

This is an activity you can do with your partner in person or at a distance! Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu are all streaming sites you can use. If you’re looking for movie suggestions take a look at 6 Must Watch Black Queer Films for Womxn.

Game night

Together: From classic game night staples like Monopoly, to the recent Nintendo release of A Crossing: New Horizons, games are giving couples a way to connect. If board or video games are not your fancy, you can make up new games with your partner or teach each other old games from childhood.

Apart: Between iMessage games, multiplayer video games and gaming apps that allow you to compete with other users–social distancing game night is very possible!

Happy hour for two

Together: If there is one thing we all miss about being able to go outside is happy hour. But when has a quarantine ever stopped a drink from being poured? Grab a few 10-15 minute ready appetizers from your local Trader Joe’s frozen food section and create at-home speciality cocktails for a much needed happy hour with your partner.

Apart: Do everything we stated above but just via Facetime. The drinks will flow exactly the same!

Written by: Wren Chavers (@Wren_psd)


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