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7 Black Queer Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


Okay, y’all, it’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving! Turkey, yams, macaroni and cheese and a lot of attention. Especially us queer folx. The lovedby.her team thought it would be a great idea to give you a list of Black queer podcasts to listen to that could help you get through the holidays. Whether it’s to combat your fear of flying/long drives or to take breath after that really intense UNO game that suddenly turned into a conversation about when you’re going to get married–these podcasts are sure to make you laugh, cry or shake your head every five seconds in agreement.

Here are Black queer podcasts lovedby.her recommends you listen over the holiday break:

The Read hosted by Kid Fury & Crissle is one of the most popular podcasts around. Once a week they discuss hot top(ics) and whatever bottoms Kid Fury wants to drag that week, followed by an advice section where they read and answer listener letters and finish off the podcast with a READ of the week.

Where to listen: Apple Podcast, Spotify + Soundcloud

Chinasa Cooper/

Headwrap to Hoodrat hosted by Ericka Hart and Ebony Donnley. Their podcast tackles a wide range of topics but their main focus always centers around Black queerness and dismantling white supremacy. If you’re looking for a radical hood perspective and interesting takes on politics, love and art, this is the podcast for you!

Where to listen: Apple Podcast, Spotify + Soundcloud

Rambling with Egypt hosted by Egypt. This podcast is astrology based and filled with life lessons. Egypt sprinkles in good music and good vibes. Giving you a podcast that will remind you to eat your fruits and vegetables, remember to breathe, and to find time to take care of what matters most: your mental health.

Where to listen: Apple Podcast + Spotify

SheHerDyke hosted by Lex and Mary is a podcast for all the queers, but their masc-lesbian perspective is what makes this podcast super unique. They discuss topics that range from domestic violence in lesbian relationships to body dysmorphia.

Where to listen: Apple podcast, Spotify, Soundcloud + YouTube

HoodxHolistic hosted by married couple, Ashley and Courtney. This podcast is crystals, meditation, sage meets intellectuals twerking. Their podcast prides itself on being a judgement free zone. It is a podcast that one can listen to and feel free to let their thoughts wander.

Where to listen: Apple Podcast, Spotify + Soundcloud

Trauma Queen hosted by Jimanekia Eborn, who is normalizing conversations around sexual assault and other traumas; with episodes that feature real conversations with real people and real professionals. Leaving each listener with resources and advice on how to move forward.

Where to listen: Apple Podcast, Spotify + Soundcloud

SKinFolk hosted by Lys Cold and JaePrime. Here is a podcast that gives you a range of topics and perspectives on pop culture and politics. The questions they pose are “What makes us family? What makes us kin?” Their approach is to give various angles about Black issues with the hopes of their listeners leaving with an understanding that we are not a monolith.

Where to listen: Apple Podcast, Spotify + Soundcloud

Written by: B.A. Williams (@Bawthewriteher)


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