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#WeMetOn: A Quarantine Dating Guide for Single Queers

After three months of being quarantined completely alone, and without any human contact, I know a lot of my fellow single queers are itching to not only continue to be social again but to also start dating again. The act of dating is already something that is difficult for many of us to navigate. So, adding a mandatory nationwide lockdown, where you can’t be around anyone who isn’t a part of your household to those struggles, makes dating pretty much seem impossible.

Well LBH is here to tell you that mission impossible is very much possible if you use some of our dating ideas, tips and tricks! Even in a quarantine, social media, dating apps and digital platforms have allowed individuals to still be able to get to know one another across an online network instead of across a table. Here are six online dating ideas to get you started on finding your future partner.

#ONE: Zoom dating? Yes, that’s a thing!

Don’t feel pressured to give a stranger you met off of social media or a dating app your number just because you are under quarantine. Zoom, a digital video chatting service, can be used for social meetings just like it’s used for business meetings. Share your Zoom meeting ID instead of your phone number. That way, if you guys realize you aren’t a match after a couple video calls, you can just end the meeting instead of having to block their number. .

#TWO: Virtual speed dating–give it a try.

Speed dating isn’t as common in the black queer community as other communities, but with it still being unsafe to visit bars and clubs, this could be a fun way to connect with other singles without leaving your safety of your home. A lot of pride orgs are doing virtual events in replacement of in-person events, so a quick Google search can help you find the next digital single mixer to sign up for.

#THREE: A dinner date by video chat.

Found someone you adore but neither of you feel safe enough to leave the house and meet up just yet? Pick a day or night you both are free, order in, and enjoy your meals together via Facetime. Looking to mix it up? You order and pay for her meal, while she does the same for yours. See how well you guys know each other so far!

#FOUR: Dating apps? Perhaps!

While we know that most dating apps don’t cater to the black queer community, almost all of our featured couples met on Tinder. It just takes that one right swipe to possibly meet the love of your life. Once you set up your profile, take some time to browse and see who you like. Get comfortable talking to people while making your intentions clear on what you want and how you are looking to go about it considering the quarantine.

#FIVE: Actually netflix & chill.

Looking for a more intimate way to get to know someone that doesn’t include Zoom calls and online trivia games? Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that synchronizes video playback and adds a group-chat function to anything you want to watch on Netflix. Pick a movie neither one of you have seen before and enjoy without feeling guilty for talking through the movie like you would usually do in an actual movie theater.

#SIX: Couples who online class together, stay together.

Virtual classes are all the rage these days, and most are free to encourage attendance and participation. So, whether you and your crush share an interest in cooking or working out, there is probably a virtual class you both can attend and enjoy at the same time. Looking to set the mood? Book her a romantic virtual wine tasting and have the bottles delivered to her house ahead of time as a surprise. This is a surefire way to earn her affections.

The LBH team understands that while a lot of cities are opening up, businesses and social establishments are not implementing social distancing rules as they should. Cases are still spiking state to state, and the pandemic is nowhere near over. Please continue to social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands and use the above dating ideas as ways to get to know a potential partner instead of meeting in public in spaces that you aren’t sure are safe!

Written by: Josephine C. (@ColouredSpirit_)

Photo Credit: kate_sept2004 / Getty


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