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#SociallyMuted: 6 Black Lesbian Twitter Topics that Need to Die Out

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Over the past decade, Black Lesbian Twitter has become both a social home and a safe space for thousands of black queers to congregate online. A lot of us have grown up together, created life-long friendships, launched our businesses, and even found our romantic soulmates. But what comes with any social circle is non-stop chattering and commentary threads fueled by personal opinions, judgment, and flying sub-tweets. And while these days the Twitter topics we are discussing are mostly rooted in growth and the true desire to understand, they are some topics that we can all agree never need to be brought up again.

Policing masculinity

As we covered in our #NotionsofMasculinity blog series, masculinity is forever evolving for those who identify with it. Constantly judging and making assumptions of how masc centered folkx should act holds them captive. Masc presenting or not, they still deserved to be nurtured, loved, accepted, and made love to.


The queer community in general is supposed to be a sexuality safe haven for those who don’t identify as cisgender and are seeking acceptance. Yet, every other month, Black Lesbian Twitter is questioning the validity of a bisexual womxn’s attraction to other womxn. Newsflash, whether she dates womxn or men more, her sexuality is still valid and she still has a seat at this table.

Who’s picking up the check?

Let’s make this one easy: romantic partners should create whatever dynamic works for them financially. So whether that is one or the other always picking up the bill or the both of them mutually spoiling each other, it’s not our business and we don’t have to talk about it once a week. Stay out of people’s pockets and away from people’s dinner table.

Fem’s sexual performances

Did you experience bad head or did you just not communicate with that partner about your sexual preferences? Sex with a new partner always requires a little teaching, and choosing not to is a fault of your own and not theirs. Have a conversation around your sexual desires before you get in bed with them so you aren’t getting out disappointed.

Dildo sizes

Girls, girls, girls, let’s chat! First and foremost, the size of the dildo should be based on the preference of the person receiving it. Second, you absolutely should have different size ranges to appease different partners because they are not one fem fits all. And lastly, someone taking a larger dildo doesn’t mean their vagina is stretched out. Grow up.

Who is subtweeting who

Tweeting about someone subtweeting another person without actually @’ing that person is also a subtweet. If you feel that strongly about it, even though you shouldn’t, dm that person and leave the rest of us alone about it.


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