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Showing Support: Black Queer Charities to Donate To

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The past year and a half was not good for a lot of us, regardless of gender or sexuality, and in some instances race. The pandemic flipped what we knew on its head and through that new level of uncertainty more chaos ensued. While in some instances 2021 is better, in others it is just the same. We saw digital and social media crowdfunding within the queer community almost triple after mass job losses, backed up rent payments and unforeseen medical bills. And considering that queer POC (Black) are often overlooked, especially our youth and those that have been incarcerated, I have complied this list of charities and organizations that focus on us and them. If you want to donate to any LGBTQ+ organizations this year, and assist just one queer people of color, I highly encourage one of these.

Here’s a list of Queer POC charities to donate too:

Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project

QWOCMAP aims to dismantle stereotypes and bias through art and activism. They focus on all POC Queer womxn.

Transgender LawCenter

TLC is a trans-led organization that aims for a world where all people are free to define themselves. They strive to keep trans and gender nonconforming people alive and thriving.

National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network

Launched in 2016, NQTTCN has established a network of mental health practitioners to help growth the understanding and analysis of healing for the QUeer POC community. They are very focused on helping build resources and understanding in addition to transforming the mental health industry to provide as much help as possible for everyone in QTPoC.

Black Aids Institute

BAI is dedicated to ending the HIV/AIDs epidemic that dispositionally affects the black community. They believe in complete freedom for Black people and eradicating systematic oppression.

National Black Justice Coalition

NBJC aims to end racism, homophobia and LGBTQ bias and stigma. They’ve been fighting and dedicated to the empowerment of the Black LGBTQ+ since 2003.

Bisexual Resource Center

Started as the East Coast Bisexual Network in 1985, then became the Bisexual Resource Center in the mid 90s. They create resources, provide support, and help create community for bi/pan/fluid people throughout the US and abroad.

Black and Pink National

Founded in 2005, Black and Pink is a prison abolitionist organization with a focus on helping LGBTQ+ people that are affected by the system by providing help and support when and where it is needed.

Brave Space Alliance

Black and trans-led LGBTQ+ center located in Chicago. They’re dedicated to providing resources, programming and service for queer individuals in Chicago, specially the South and West sides of the city. They are building towards the liberation of all opposed peoples.

The Brown Boi Project

Launched in 2010 The Brown Boi Project has a focus on transforming the way communities of color talk and think about gender. They are driven by racial justice and gender justice while prioritizing support to improve the lives of masculine queer and trans women of color.

Written by: Samantha Benjamin-Nolan


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