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Black Queer Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Pt. 2

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Thanksgiving is finally upon us, and I don't know about y'all but this is one of my favorite holidays. I mean what's better than a day that is centered around stuffing your face in the comfort of yours or a loved one's home?

For some of us, traveling is a requirement on this holiday, no matter what is happening in the outside world. Though I encourage you all to keep this year’s celebration extremely intimate with just the folks in your or your parent’s households considering the rising numbers in COVID-19 cases nationwide. With that being said, I am sure you all will need an entertaining way to pass the time during that long drive or to combat the extra level of anxiety that comes with flying during a pandemic.

Check out our quick-list of bomb-ass queer and black podcasts to dive into during the holiday season:

Thank Me Later is hosted by partners Lee and NoelleKay. Lee and NoelleKay invite different guests from all walks of life to discuss topics geared towards what they like to call "The Movers and the Shakers" When asked for the definition of "Movers and Shakers" host Lee defined it as "The people who are constantly on the move and making things shake". Their podcast topics range from the importance of therapy and mental health to sex workers and their rights. Any and everybody can find a Thank Me Later episode that they can relate to, and these two hosts pride themselves on helping those who may feel completely drained to get up and keep going.

Where to listen: Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher

Ya Gay Aunties is a podcast hosted by two friends by the names of Red Summer and Hanifah Walidah. This podcast is a necessity for the baby LGBTQ+ folx navigating the ups and downs of coming out and being comfortable in their own damn skin. These two literally become your gay aunties as they walk you through all the things they wish someone would have told them growing up queer. Click below to find episodes that discuss everything queer from relationship issues, to politics, to coming out.

Where to listen: Apple, SoundCloud, and Stitcher

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Marsha’s Plate: Black Trans Talk is a podcast hosted by three friends named Diamond Stylz, Mia Mix, and Zee. Who are all TPOC (Trans people of color) that refuse to be silenced by society. On this much needed podcast they discuss their intersectionalities, racial oppression in our community, phobias, gender identity, and the murders and injustices of our beautiful TPOC.

Where to listen: Apple, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

2 Dope Docs: The Podcast is a podcast hosted by a black queer couple who both work in the mental health field, Dr Monet Hawkins and her partner Dr. Tessa Bowman. Monet and Tessa do what they call “a weekly wellness check” with their listeners, and discuss everything under the sun from politics, relationships, parenting, and of course the importance of mental health.

Where to listen: Apple, Spotify, and

Inner Hoe Uprising is a podcast hosted by four black queer 20 soemthings, Sam, Rob, Akua, and Rebecca.These four friends hold no bars when it comes to discussing sex, relationships, feminism, and every day life.

Where to listen: Apple, Spotify, and

Written By: Amber C. (@ohambam)


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