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Controlling the Narrative: Black Queer Youtube Web Series

Due to the notorious lack of Black queer movies and TV shows with proper representation within mainstream entertainment, a few brave souls took it upon themselves to gain control of the narrative through creating queer Youtube web series starring womxn of color. Bare with me now, because most of these shows are pretty dated and haven’t released new episodes for a year or more. Even still, I rather watch these instead of binge watching the L Word for the 77th time.

Between Women

Premiering eight years ago, Between Women was actually the first Black queer web series I'd tuned into and is probably one of the first of its kind. This show is based in Atlanta and follows the lives of six friends and their relationships. Between Women covers domestic violence, gay co-parenting, and a whole lot of cheating. Unfortunately for me, after season 3 the creators decided to start charging subscribers per episode, and while I was really into the storylines and enjoyed the show, I stopped watching. So if y’all do decide to tune in and actually finish the series, PLEASE let a sista know it ends.

I’d rate this show a 4 out of 5.


Choiices, another show based in Atlanta, has one of the best & catchiest theme songs, listen closely because the song explains what’s going on within the show and is helpful when trying to remember the characters names. Choiices has representation for basically everyone in the community. I’m almost positive you’ll be able to find a character you see yourself in. Everyone is going through something that requires difficult decisions to be made, from drug addictions and starting families, to owning their truths, hence the shows title. The storylines are realistic, the acting is great, and the production is poppin, truly quality work.

I’d rate this show a 5 out of 5

District Heat

District Heat centers around the lives of queer womxn of color in Washington, D.C. This one is one of my fianceé & I’s favorites; it’s soo juicy. I especially enjoy this one because I graduated from the illustrious Howard University, located in DC, so watching the characters gave me a sense of nostalgia because they are soo DC. District Heat is heavy on drugs, love, and loyalty. Some of the characters you’ll really grow to love (and may have a crush or two) while others you’ll just want to punch in the face.

Now, it’s been two years since the producers released a new episode and I’m a bit irked by that because WHEW did they leave you on a cliffhanger of a lifetime. If anybody knows someone affiliated with this show, please find out what the hold up is; the people are waiting.

I’d rate this one a 4 out 5, just because I want my answers, otherwise they definitely earned a 5.


Lesbireal is based on queer womxn of color in my city, Philly. A lot of the scenes were filmed in areas that I’m familiar with so I especially enjoyed this one. You can tell that the creator took her time crafting this show because she even took the time to name the episodes, I haven’t seen too many queer web series do that. Lesbireal has relatable storylines and something for everyone. You’ll fall in love with some of the relationships, yet truly despise others. And in the midst of all the love triangles, drugs, and sex, the writer of this show still took the time out to shed a lot of light on the trangender community and the daily battles they face which is something I really appreciate about the show. There are a couple of cuties on here, but try not to get too attached, because unfortunately the cast does change, not too drastically, but enough.

I’d rate this show a 5 out of 5.

Penned best by lovedby.her's Editor in Chief in her open letter, mainstream entertainment depicts “a very limited narrative of the Black queer community, one that suffocates us and one that erases us.” So I’m thankful for my people that have taken control of things through creating content that’s more representative.

If you've seen these already and want some more options, here are the names of some other web series I’ve watched that are okay: Studville, Lipstick Series, and Girls Just Don’t Do That. If y'all know of any more good ones, please let us know!

Written by: Shelyne Jones (@LanesWorld_)


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