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Bonding on a Budget

Cost friendly dates for you and your partner

Summer is here and that usually means spending more money. Studies have shown that sunlight encourages people to start going out more, spending more and wearing way less. Whether it’s going to fun music festivals, theme parks or that always too lit day party, your bank account isn’t going to be happy with you at the end of each week. And neither will your boo when she wants to have date night and you can’t afford it.

On a really tight budget but still want to show your partner a great time? Have no fear, there are plenty of date ideas you can pull off for less.


Museums are the perfect low to no cost date. Taking your partner to the museum is a way to show off your artsy side and provides you the space to spark a conversation around creativity and inspiration. Many are donation based and offer free entrance on a company sponsored day. And if you live in a big city like Los Angeles or Washington, D.C., you can either walk right in or reserve your ticket for free online.

Date Cost Calculator: $0-$30


Hiking is so underrated as a date. Not only do you not have to spend any money, outside of gas to get there and maybe some healthy snacks to eat along the way, but you also get a workout in and get to enjoy the scenic views. To add even more romance to this date, find a trail that leads to a hidden waterfall or a cave!

Date Cost Calculator: $0-$25

Bookstore and Coffee Date

Taking your date to a bookstore and getting lost in a really good book by reading random excerpts can be an absolutely amazing time. We recommend picking up a book on astrology, grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and reading about each other signs. It’s a great way to get to know each other better and you’ll end up spending hours together in the stacks.

Date Cost Calculator: $10-$50 (and only if you purchase the book you are reading!)

A Picnic

Beach, park or backyard, that’s up to you, but planning a picnic is one of the most cost efficient ways to have a good time this summer. Prepare light bites at home and purchase a bottle of wine. Stop at a dollar store and grab some coloring books, crayons and cards. Listen to tunes from your phone or on a bluetooth speaker. This date is perfect for those looking to soak up the sun and get some fresh air without spending too much.

Date Cost Calculator: $25-$100 (those charcuterie boards can get pricy!)

Happy Hour

Though going to dinner is the classic move, prices for dinner portions are sometimes double the price of a very good happy hour. Happy hours usually have great discounted selections of the restaurants most popular food and drinks. Who wouldn’t want a $5 margarita?! But still be careful, as your tab can easily add up! If you’re looking to spend some time with your partner in a social setting and don’t want to be responsible for anything other than arriving on time this is the perfect budget friendly date.

Date Cost Calculator: $50-$75

Dinner at Home

But what if you don’t drink and would prefer a less crowded environment than a bar? No worries, cooking an intimate dinner at home can still be the perfect date night. And it doesn’t have to break your pockets! Hit your local supermarket, grab all those inexpensive ingredients that you use make your famous chicken tacos, and enjoy a relaxed night.

Date Cost Calculator: $25-$40

As you are inspired by these date ideas please remember the most important part of dating is getting to know your partner. These ideas offer you an inexpensive, creative and thoughtful space to give your partner your undivided attention, spark conversation and bond. We hope this summer you spend less money and more time with your person. Remember to drink responsibly and be safe.

Written by: B.A. Williams (@Bawthewriteher)


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