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How to Cope With Spending The Holidays Alone

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The holiday season is usually a cheerful time where family and friends come together to celebrate and reconnect after a long year. But with the uncertainty of the pandemic, stay at home orders, and the rise of COVID-19 cases, this holiday season will be celebrated a lot differently. With most folks having to opt to celebrate at their own homes or even by themselves.

To help those of you who will be at home alone or just away from your family this upcoming Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, the lovedby.her has some suggestions on how you can make the best of this unprecedented COVID-19 holiday season.

Create your own traditions!

If you are celebrating alone this year, a good way to keep yourself sane and in the holiday spirit is by creating your own traditions. This is the perfect time to implement your own ideas no matter how quirky they may be. You can plan your own holiday menu or just simply order in to keep dinner easy. You can go crazy with the decorations around your house or use that money to buy yourself a really expensive gift.You can even plan a Zoom Christmas caroling party with your family or friends back home or just get wine drunk on your couch watching old Christmas movies..

Take care of yourself!

What better time for some self-care, then now? Take advantage of this time alone by doing anything and everything for you! You don’t have to worry about planning any sort of traveling, or going through the struggle of finding everything your mother puts on her insane holiday grocery list every year. Use this time to treat yourself. Try a spa day with a nice bubble bath, your favorite candles or incense, and turn on that soothing playlist you have saved. You can get fit, however, you see fit. Getting to the gym can be stressful for some but now due to the pandemic, but many fitness programs have been made home accessible. It is also the perfect time to binge-watch movies and or catch up on that Netflix show you haven't had the time for.

Gifting, giving, and donating.

Tis the season of giving right?! Why not get an early start on gift shopping. After you figure out your new traditions and woosah through your self-care plan, grab that laptop and go crazy on those Black Friday salesIt is the perfect time to catch all of those really good holiday discounts, and even treat yourself to something nice. And although shelters may not be accepting volunteers during this time, you can still donate canned goods and other necessities for the homeless and less fortunate by drop-off.

Stay in good spirits!

Lastly, try to enjoy this time and make the best of it. I know that's easier said than done, but focus on the positives and the blessings you have received this year no matter how big or small they may be. Take this time to lounge and play your game system, try new recipes, make some tik toks, or whatever else you consider fun! And if you begin to feel too lonely, you can always phone a friend or have a group Facetime!

Written By : Amber C {@ohambam)


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