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#Honeyscopes: How To Love Your Virgo Partner

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If there’s anything lesbians love more than a brand new Uhaul with a full tank of gas, it is definitely Astrology. That’s why we’re giving you guys a monthly “How To” guide for each sign of the Zodiac as it pertains to queer womxn. Now, as with all things, nothing here is concrete fact and everything is open to a little interpretation. However, we’ve all dated a Virgo womxn that has acted like “that” and we just couldn’t understand why. Well, with the help of Jill Dearman’s Queer Astrology for Women, we’re going to figure it out!

First things first, 3 quick facts about your Virgo womxn you should know:

1. Her best traits will usually include being hardworking, quick thinking and obsessive.

2. Her worst traits will usually include nagging, unable to “see the forest for the trees” and, again, obsessive.

3. Her erogenous zone is her belly. (This means don’t be afraid to give her tummy a kiss or two in the bedroom!)


Whether your Virgo girl is masculine of center or feminine presenting, cis, non-binary or trans – her deepest love will ALWAYS be work! So, trying to befriend a queer Virgo womxn means rolling up those sleeves and getting down to the nitty gritty. Not to say that there aren’t some Virgo chicks that can be lazy and unmotivated, but those girls still prioritize hard work. Even if the work is just rolling the perfect J.

Time best spent with a Virgo womxn will be anything that can keep her busy and calm her mind. The Virgo womxn’s mind moves a mile a minute and getting inside of it will sometimes mean helping her to slow it down. Some ideas for dates with your new Virgo friend could be a hot yoga class, a morning hike or maybe even invite her over to help organize that garage you’ve been putting off.


Much like in her everyday life, the queer Virgo womxn is not shy about putting in WERK! This down to earth and gentle in nature womxn is dedicated to pleasing her lovers in bed and genuinely believes that the sky is the limit. When trying to turn the heat up with these ladies it’s best to leave your inhabitations at home. Their main goal is to please you and they’re not going to stop until they’ve worked you over from every angle. This is also why, it’s important not to let your Virgo womxn get so lost in pleasing you that her pleasure is neglected for the night. That’s a sure-fire way to become just another notch on her belt. A tip for making sure she’s crawling back for more is to flip the script during the night. Let a little of your inner primal animalistic desire out and take control. Show your Virgo lover that you can put in a little work too.


The most important word for anyone looking to take it the long haul with a queer Virgo goddess is ROUTINE! The key to loving this sister for the long term is not just locking into her work habit, but it’s her schedule as well. Learn your lady’s habits, her quirks and most importantly her favorites (and trust me there will be many). Loving a Virgo womxn means learning to enjoy the journey. Rarely is she satisfied with a “one time only” experience. She enjoys getting better and better, so you’d do well to learn to enjoy it with her. Beware, though, sometimes it is necessary to push your Virgo chick out of her routine and inspire some spontaneity. She’s a pleaser so eventually she’ll come around, but you’d better believe it won’t come without you spending at least one night on the couch. Tread lightly!


Sometimes things just don’t work and that’s that. If you find yourself looking to end things with a Virgo womxn, the best approach may be to simply let her know that you no longer need her. Virgo womxn do best in love when they feel needed and useful to their partners. Letting her know that she is no longer either of those, may very will inspire her to gracefully bow out on her own. Another way to wrap up romance with your Virgo girl is to suggest that the relationship is holding you back. Your Virgo’s main priority was to help you grow and nourish you, so if they feel like they are stunting this growth they will surely leave.

Before you call it quits with this Virgo blessing, you’d do well to think it over twice, though. Chances are even if you’re the one that calls it quits, you’ll still be the one reaching out a few months later when you find your life and schedule a sheer mess without her. And knowing Ms. Virgo, she’ll always be there to help but the romance will never again be revived.

From the workaholic busy bee to the stuck in a rut Backwood champion – we hope we’ve given each of you some insight on your type of Virgo lady! Don’t be afraid to start this Virgo season (Aug. 23rd – Sept. 22nd) by getting close to that one lucky gal. Remember, don’t skimp on the work ethic, pay attention to the details and the wedding bells should be chiming in no time.

Written by: Candis Cooney


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