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#GetTheStrap Third Leg Edition: Let's Talk Prosthetics

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When you hear the word prosthetic, what comes to mind? Had you asked me this a few years ago, I probably would have said an arm or leg. But now that I am three and a half years into my transition, I think dick. Immediately. That, to me, is the fundamental difference between a prosthetic penis and a strap-on; one’s a sex toy and the other is designed to help sooth gender dysphoria (a mental conflict between a person’s assigned gender at birth and the gender that they identify with). Prosthetics not only allow for a more intimate and realistic sexual experience, but they also function as packers and “stand-to-pee” devices.

You may still be wondering what the hell I’m talking about. Which is fair. I’ve said a lot of words. So now I’m going to provide visuals that will help you better understand. And then, we can really dig deep into how adding a third leg to your next sexual experience can both change your game and ease your gender dysphoria (pun intended).

Here are some of the most popular and well made prosthetics on the market:

GenderCat is one of the first prosthetic companies I was introduced to when I started my physical transition. I bought my first dick from them. The selling point, for me, was this feature called the fascination sleeve which is essentially a tiny fleshlight inside the prosthetic that you can put your lil thang inside (being on hormones makes your clitoris grow, fyi). GenderCat is also one of the first companies to offer adhesive as an alternative to wearing a harness, which is amazing for providing a more realistic experience.

**It’s also worth noting that they offer adhesive breasts and nipples utilizing the same skin matching techniques and medical grade adhesive as the prosthetic penises.

Shop prosthetics here:

RealDoll is a company that makes super realistic sex toys. No.. I mean.. They really look alive. They also make these dildos called RealCocks (LOL) that look just like the real thing. This brand is the only one that doesn’t offer customization options and requires a harness (which is why I called them dildos), but considering what the company’s primary products are, they look great for doing the sex.

Shop prosthetics here: https:/

I’ve been eyeballing the Emisil brand since before I started my hormones. Their designs are pretty realistic, and the adhesive space isn’t as spread out as the others that I’ve seen. They also provide a pubic hair matching feature which is great for those who prefer the lawn untrimmed. The one con I’ve noticed is the limited number of skin tones they offer. Other companies seem to be able to match just about any tone, where emisil only offers 16 match options.

Shop prosthetics here:

Of all the brands features, transthetics seems to have the most focus on including your natural anatomy to the overall experience. Their stp devices, for example, are designed to “cup” your natural anatomy which might not be suitable for every body type but is really good for those like me who pack a moose knuckle down under. For those with a good amount of bottom growth, they have this suction prosthetic called “The Lollipop” that you can slide yourself inside. As the name suggests, it’s for oral sex and let me tell you.. It looks like a good damn time.

Shop prosthetics here:

In my most humble opinion, ReelMagik makes the most realistic prosthetic of all the others on this list. Their pack and play design features “flexi skin” silicon that mimics the natural folds of skin on flaccid penises when the flex rod is removed and extends the prosthetic to erect when inserted. There’s also an upgrade option for what they refer to as Enhanced Detail Colorism. They can add circumcision scars, veins, freckles, and texturizing. I could honestly do an entire blog on just this brand and how many different product customizations they offer. That’s what I call some good dick (corny, I know).

Shop prosthetics here:

Written by Guest Writer: CX Kilborn (@kingcx_)

CX Killborn is taking over the LBH to talk everything prosthetics!!! Next month, CX will be speaking to LBH subscribers directly in a Q&A video around prosthetics and trans bodies. If you have any questions you would like to ask comment under this post or message us directly!


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