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Taty + 7Even

...when love makes you grateful

Sharing your life with a partner doesn’t necessarily always mean, sharing your life. Not every couple can handle, or even care to handle, the magnitude of sharing every moment with a partner. Some get overwhelmed, some start to argue, some rather not be bothered and others just don’t have enough in common. But for partners Taty and 7Even, sharing their lives together is nothing short of an amazing experience, and one that they both made clear they are grateful for. From making music together, to providing one another physical and emotional support, to planning their future together; Taty and 7Even wake up every single day and choose to do + share life with one another.

Watch parts of LBH’s conversation of love with Taty and 7Even above or read it in full below where they talk with LBH about making music, life, and happiness together.

How did you all meet and how long have y'all been together?

7Even: Three years ago.

Taty: Yeah, we met on social media in 2017, but we didn't meet in person until 2019. She was looking for singers on her story on Instagram and I hit her up cause I always had a crush on her. I hit her up and I was like, you know, I'm down to come to the studio and help you with your school project. So, I met up with her a couple of days before my birthday in December, 2019. From then on, it was just literally history. I was at that studio every weekend with her.

At what point did you all realize your interest in each other went beyond just making music together? And how did you all communicate those feelings to one another?

7Even: I'll be honest, it was the day of [meeting up] and, I don't know, we started vibing, we started talking and I guess like a couple of weeks after that, we kind of confessed [to each other].

Taty: Yeah, cause you know what it’s like, being young is scary, feeling such strong emotions for somebody quickly, because there's this taboo. You know, [they say], the longer you know somebody that's when you really know. But honestly in our situation, I feel like we just knew and we [just] mutually knew. We just connected on the first day, and for weeks and months and years after that.

7Even, what about Taty stood out to you the most when you all begin y'all romantic relationship?

7Even: Everything, honestly. She was very passionate from the get-go. She was very selfless and loving and caring, and she always had an open ear for me. She listened to me, and I really admire the fact that she was a go-getter; I respect that 110%. And, you know, she just stuck out to me because she was just an amazing womxn and that's what stuck out to me romantically in [our] relationship.

And Taty, tell me one thing about 7Even that makes you feel like they are the one for you.

Taty: It's really going to be hard to choose one thing [because] this womxn is really my person. But I feel like the one thing that stuck out to me was just her gentleness. You know, her generous caring heart. Even when we are having those days where it's a bad day or we ignore each other, she just moves with just care and love. And she's always trying to respect me even in moments where we're not happy with each other, [or] even in moments where we need our own space. She's just always so ready to just love me in every single way. She takes care of my love languages, but she also hears my sad language and that's not something that people really talk about. It's important to have a partner that really understands you and is able to kind of just take you up in their arms whenever you're sad and understand exactly what you need, or even just be able to ask me what I need. Some people will just get mad that you're mad, but she will be like, “what can I do for you here? What do you need from me? What is it that I can do to make the situation better?” And she's always ready to fight for me, ‘cause I’ll be in my moods, but she is always ready to fight for me. I really love that she makes me feel seen and very heard.

"Every day I wake up, and we just look at each other, and I'm just like, damn, I really love this one."

How do you guys retain your individuality, while also not isolating yourselves, within the relationship?

7Even: I mean, I just respect the individual period. If she wants to say, go on vacation with friends or whatever, or says I just want to take a breather, go to the next room and just stay there all day, I’m not going to take offense to that because it's like, we're more alike than [share a look]—you know what I mean? I'm the same way, I like my space too—but it doesn't mean I don't want to talk to you. I just want my space. So just kind of like a respect factor. We know what to expect for one another and it's just we’re used to it.

Taty: We are really big on allowing ourselves to just be. And sometimes we can acknowledge the fact that, [even though] we're in a relationship, we're partners, we're each other's person, we’re also like—I'm, Taty she's 7Even, you know what I'm saying? Sometimes we just need to be, and we both acknowledge that. So, there are days where she's in the studio room for eight hours, nine hours. I come, check on her and then, you know, she's just doing her thing. Or I'm a creator, so this is also my creative room; you see my backdrop in the back. So, I'm in here for like eight to nine hours a day and I'm just doing my thing, she comes in and checks on me. And everybody's just doing our thing.

Did it feel weird to start dating someone you met off of social media? Especially considering that Taty is a social media influencer with thousands of followers.

7Even: Yeah, no, it wasn't weird for me. In the beginning it was more subtle than how it is now, but even [then] it wasn't weird at all. It just felt natural. It was really just flowing, there was no weird vibe. It felt nice, it felt good.

Taty: And I’m one of those people like [where], yeah, I'm an influencer and that's something that I do as my full-time thing, but I don’t ever meet people with the implication of “Yeah, I got 1000 followers” or “Yeah I have thousands of followers.” I’m never stuck up. I’m just vibing.

Taty did you ever feel any hesitation about sharing your relationship on social media, because you do have so many followers?

Taty: Yeah. I'm also very spiritual and I find sometimes sharing things on social media can also impose negativity on those things. But I am so confident in our relationship and our connection that I truly felt like nothing could deter us. Nothing could break us because at the end of the day. It's always us against the situation, it's never us against each other. So, it's like, this is the person that I love, and I want to spend the rest of my life with, and this is the person [that] makes me happy and I do everything with, my best friend. So I want to show the world. I mean, yeah, I was kind of nervous at first, but I was just like, you know what, at the end of the day we are protected. We are divinely guided and loved and at the end of the day, we will be okay. So anybody that has anything to say, that's on them, but we’re gonna be on social media real cute, period.

"I finally found somebody that was for me, and I've been by her side ever since."

Do you all still make music together? If so, what does that work and life balance look like in your relationship?

7Even: Yeah, we do actually do that. When we are in the streets we sometimes randomly just burst into—it’s corny but—we really randomly just burst into like sounds and [into] singing and like, you know vibing out. We still make music together. How is it balancing our lives? It's pretty—I think it's easy. I mean, you know, what do you think? (Looks to Taty)

Taty: I mean, we're both full-time creators now, so we kind of make our own schedules. So it's like when everybody wants to do their own thing they do their own thing, and then whenever we decide to flow with each other and, you know, make music with each other, we do.

Any advice you would give other couples who work and play together like the two of you?

7Even: Advice is—patience for real; and trust and honesty and support 100%—you need to support your partner.

Taty: Especially support. I just feel like when you're working together on something, sometimes the business or the relationship will go head to head, or you'll take extra offense to something that your partner says because they're your partner and their criticism means the most to you. But at the end of the day, we go in with the mindset that we're not trying to hurt each other and we're very open-minded about the criticism that we give each other. We're very open-minded about the things that we do with each other and it's just really important that we're uplifting each other the whole way through. We're very big on just flowing and being respectful to each other in every environment.

How important—since you guys are both creatives—is it that the other person supports your passions in professional goals?

Taty: They will be out of here [if not]. Like [if] Honestly. [I’ll keep it real]—I will stick with you, cooking for you, living with you, you're my partner and you don't support the things that I do then you don’t support me. That just makes me feel some type of way—I’m offended. Maybe what I do is not for you and that's okay, but maybe I'm just [not for you]. Literally, we invest in each other so much. Not even just in a materialistic sense, but just in general, emotionally. There are days that she’s discouraged, there are days where I’m discouraged and she’ll remind me who the hell I am sometimes because I'm just like, “oh my God, things aren't going the way that I want them to.” So she's like, “wait, hold on let's look at your accomplishments.” And I tell her the same thing. There are days, when she's just making a beat and she's just not feeling it, or she's just not feeling work and I'm just like, first of all, you're 7Even, let's get it correct, like you are popping and you need to keep going because at the end of the day it's all going to matter in the long run. And I think that type of emotional and just your overall support is just so important.

What are some things that you all have learned from each other since being in a relationship? And what are some things that you guys are looking forward to learning as time goes on?

7Even: I will say that I've learned [with] her schedule, she's on it. Her drive level is on a hundred percent. And since being with her, I can say that I've been having a push and a drive to get up and do the things that I need to do. She's also helped me become more organized; she bought me a planner, which I do use and I think she would definitely push me in the right direction as far as my career and being on top of my thing, you know?

"I feel like we just knew and we [just] mutually knew. We just connected on the first day, and for weeks and months and years after that."

Taty: For me, I've definitely learned how to be in a relationship. I would say this is my most serious relationship that I actually see it being for me, you know? And that's truly important for me, because—not to throw astrology in here, but they always say like Sagittarius are far from commitment, they're always running from people, and the truth of the matter is what [we are] running from people that we know [are] not for us. And I finally found somebody that was for me, and I've been by her side ever since. So that's truly important to me, and it just makes me happy inside. And I'm looking to learn how she acts in a family setting as far as like, when we have children. I want to see her as a mommy.

Yeah, that was my next question. You guys have been together for a year and some change. What does the future look like? What are the next steps?

7Even: Every day—investing, house, family and marriage. Yeah, every day, we sit down and talk about having kids together and having our house together, different houses together in different states. Traveling—that's important for us too. We definitely sat down and talked about our future together, and were very excited for it actually.

Taty: Currently we live together now in my apartment, but the next major step we're going to take is to definitely move out into our own apartment and our own space. And just kind of set up our creative space in our own apartment where we're not sharing with roommates.

7Even: It’s mad lit.

How does it feel to be loved by her?

7Even: It's an—it's an overwhelming, amazing feeling to have someone. Every day I wake up, and we just look at each other, and I'm just like, damn, I really love this one. So, it's really overwhelming and it's a very exciting feeling. It’s something that I've always dreamed of, you know? It's definitely a great feeling.

Taty: I really second that motion. Finding somebody that honestly gets you on every single level and just is willing to appreciate you in your entirety. She just lets me be me and lets me also be free. I’m just not a person that can be trapped in any type of cage ever—I'm my own boss, but I'll happily do anything she says because she truly does make me feel so loved, seen, heard, appreciated and cared for. Like she said, it's just an overwhelming feeling, I’ve never felt this way ever before for anybody else. I know that as we go into relationships, we sometimes fall in love with the potential of something that somebody has, or in love with the future that we imagine with them but I don't know, I fell in love with her, for her, you know? And I'm just so excited to be in a relationship with somebody like this because it just, I don't know, it just fills me up to the joy, you know, fills me up with joy and love. I'm just very, very grateful.

Interview by: Kee Simone, LBH Editor-in-Chief (@thebaddiegalore)


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