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To Uhaul or To Not Uhaul

5 ways to avoid moving too fast in your new relationship

They say that there is no time limit to falling in love. Sometimes, it can take two years, and other times it can take two days. And when you get into a new relationship, it's very easy to get swept up in the emotions. But what if things are moving too fast? There is nothing wrong with knowing exactly who you want–but if you guys aren’t on the same page, you might not feel love, but pressure.

To help you navigate those feelings, without isolating your new partner, we’ve listed five ways to avoid moving too fast in your new relationship.

Determine Your Wants

The first, and most important thing you should do is to determine within yourself what you really want from a partner and a relationship. Then figure out if your current partner or love interest matches those wants and needs. Because you would hate to find yourself moving too fast with someone you aren’t even compatible with in the first place. And this is not something you would want to be figuring out after you’ve already moved in together or even gotten married.

Be Honest

Speak your truth and tell them exactly how you feel and where you stand on your emotions. Then give them the opportunity to do the same. You guys should each be transparent with one another about your wants, needs, expectations and what you both are willing to give in this stage of the relationship. If the relationship is moving too fast for you, communicate that. And if your partner truly likes you, and wants things to work out, they will show both understanding to your feelings and exercise patience with the trajectory of your relationship.

Don’t Neglect Your Friends

Spending all of your time with your new partner is the easiest way to fall into a relationship when you aren’t ready. We know, having someone you really like around all of the time is fresh and exciting. But, those shared moments can also create unrealistic narratives and expectations between the two of you when it is overdone. Don’t stop being you. Keep hanging with your regular group of friends and enjoying your usual alone time. It’s perfectly okay to take a day or two away from your boo to keep things on a steady track.

Live in the Present, Not the Future

Try not to avoid serious conversations about the future or making plans months in advance. If you aren’t looking for anything serious, there is no reason to be discussing birthing plans and baby names with them. Focus on the now, like what you guys can do together during the upcoming weekend.

Don’t Take Any Major Milestones

Introducing them to your parents, taking them to a work function, giving them a key to your place or even buying a dog with them are all examples of major milestones you should avoid. Don’t do things serious couples things if you aren’t looking to be apart of a serious couple.

What are other things you do to slow down a relationship that is moving too fast?

Written by: Kee Simone (@thebaddiegalore)


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