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I Love Her or I Love Her A lot: A Valentine Gift Guide

Okay girlies! The most anticipated (or loathed) holiday of the first half of the year is among us. Christmas and New Year decorations have been swapped out for pink and red heart shaped everything, meaning we are less than a month away from Valentine’s Day. And if you haven’t already started planning out what you are getting bae, the LBH team has you covered! Because trust us, even if your partner says she doesn’t care about celebrating, she’s lying. Every girl wants to feel special and be loved 14 days into the month of February. It’s in our DNA!

So whether you guys have been dating for 6 months or 6 years, we have the perfect gift guide for you and your partner to really show that you care.

Time together: Less than 30 days

Gift giving in new relationships can be rather tricky, especially when the relationship isn’t even a relationship yet. You don’t want to do more than the other person but you also don’t want to be caught not doing anything at all; since it could come off like you aren’t that interested to begin with. If things are fairly new but not ending anytime soon, keep your gift giving light but thoughtful. A dozen roses or nice floral arrangement is a sure fire way to put a smile on your fem partner’s face. But if she doesn’t care for flowers, pick up a $50 gift card to one of her favorite clothing or bookstores. That way, she can choose exactly what she wants. A gift card can work as a gift for your masculine partner as well. They always need new underwear and socks. Or better yet, head over to Sephora or Nordstroms and grab their favorite designer cologne for an affordable price. No reason to break the bank so soon in the relationship.

Time together: 6 months in

Well look at you two lovebirds making it work! Six months in means you guys have already moved in and planned your wedding or at the very least decided to be exclusive. It also means it’s time to step your gift giving game up. All womxn loved to be pampered, we are talking masc presenting womxn too! Treat each other to a full day of self-care and spa activities. We are talking deep-tissue massage, facial, manicure–the works! This gift will show you partner that you appreciate them and want them to feel like the best version of themselves–relaxed and loved.

Time together: 1 year in

We hope you been saving your coins (which is probably impossible right after the holiday season) because it’s time to pull out the romance! Both of you all are locked in for the long haul and really want to show each other how in love you are. Fems, your masc partner probably spoiled you rotten for Christmas, time to repay her favors. Shoot for a big gesture like buying equipment/software that helps her further invest in her passions or hit up StockX for those sneakers she can’t stop tweeting about. And when has a girl ever turned down a chance to get all dolled up with somewhere to go? Make plans to take your fem partner to dinner in the city, but first, cover the cost of her hair, nails, outfit and shoes. This gesture will remind her how beautiful she is and how you love when she dresses up and makes it nice for you.

Now remember, every girl is different, some want fireworks and rose petals while others would prefer a relaxing night in doing all of her favorite things. Regardless, make sure whatever gift you give or gesture you provide–it’s tailored specifically to your partner and their likes.


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