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Budget Or No Budget: Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Lovers

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After a year of economic downturn and a global pandemic that is currently ongoing, the only thing some of us want to do is properly love on our partners come February 14th. And while a lot of us may not be able to do something huge this year, that doesn’t mean we still can’t do something small with or for those that we care about. Let’s use this year’s turn of events to reinvent the holiday spirit by sharing our love not only through monetary means but through displays of our love from the heart.

This ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide focuses on black owned shops, as well as, includes a section that is no-cost for those of us who have had a harder year. Just because you can’t spend money doesn’t mean this day can’t be special for your partner!

Check out some great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts below:

Gifts That Cost:

Airin Candles

For the candle lover in your life check out these small but long-lasting candles by Airin Candles. With a decent sized selection there is bound to be something perfect for the people in your life to have a small slice of heaven; and if you’re not sure what they’ll like, Airin also has a $15 gift card as well. These candles are 100% all natural and hand poured in Chicago. The company, Aryn Terry, is named after its founder and is an advocate for black womxn (self) love and empowerment.

The candles run for $8 for a 4 oz tin.

Zandra Beauty Gift Sets

Sometimes it’s hard to know just exactly what to get for your loved ones and that’s where gift sets come in handy! Zandra has a large collection of gift sets that are perfect for when you want to give someone you care about the joy of a spa day without the worry of other people. Nothing like an At-Home Spa Day to show your partner how much you care about their mental health. Giving someone the gift of relaxation can really be the ultimate gift. And for those who don’t want all the works, there is also a smaller Treat Yo Self gift box that’s great for when you just want a little pick me up!

The gift sets are now on sale and vary from up to $80 for larger sets and down to $25.

Blk & Bold Coffee/Tea

Something everyone can get behind—a nice cup of coffee or tea. Whether you like to start your day with a hot cup or have one in the afternoon, Blk & Bold has got you covered. They have a variety of flavors that is sure to satisfy the brew lover in your life. I personally enjoy a nice cup of Earl Gray in the afternoon. And after perusing the site you’re still unsure of what to get that hot bev drinker, don’t worry Blk & Gold has got you covered with a gift card.

Blk & Bold goes for $14 per 12 oz of coffee and $12 per 3 oz of loose tea.

Goddessluxe Jewelry

Everyone wants to feel like an eternal being at some point, and that usually comes in the form or stunning powerful jewelry. Goddessluxe Jewelry has amazing pieces of any occasion that are inspired by the Goddesses. There’s also a collection of jewelry that is made with raw crystals. And for those who aren’t into the more flashy pieces, they also offer simple things as well. Goddessluxe seems to have something for everyone--even for the crystal lover in your life with a collection of crystals like rose quartz, rainbow moonstone, labradorite and more. They even sell body jewelry.

Crystals go for $33, jewelry ranges from $10 up to $35 for single pieces, and sets range up to $65. And if you’re unsure they offer a gift card that allows for custom amounts between $25-$200.

Radical Dreams Pins & Accessories

Accessories are always a fashion statement and a means of expression. In recent years pins and patches have come back as a more mainstream accessory--what makes Radical Dreams products so different is that they noticed a lack of Black people or social statements. Their goals are to showcase social justice statements, positive messages, and prominent Black figures. They donate portions of their proceeds to organizations.

Pins and Patches go for $10 each.

No Cost Gifts:

Movie Night

I know at this point in the pandemic we have probably done many of these with those that we love, however let's take it up a notch. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to go all out with your movie viewing—set up your living room/bedroom/whatever room for the perfect home theater covered with romantic decorations (on a budget!). Position your couch right in the center of the TV for optimal viewing, get some blankets, a bowl of popcorn and some drinks and marathon your favorite romantic comedy movies. And if you’re feeling splurge-y and adventurous you can get a mini projector to limit space. While a little costly for the initial price, if you’re the type to watch things a lot it might be a good investment. An alternative would be to channel your inner child and make a blanket fort for you and your partner and just set your laptop up in the fort.

The best part is that this idea works great for both someone you live with and a partner who might live in another city! A lot of streaming services allow for shared viewing these days (Hulu Watch Party) or you can download a chrome extension for Netflix called Teleparty.

Game Night

Game night is the perfect way to connect and spend quality time with your partner without breaking the bank. Pulling out all of your childhood favorites, grabbing a couple bottles of wine and a few appetizers to snack on can make for the perfect date night. Some games I would suggest are: Monopoly, Uno, Clue, Ascension (A Deck Building Game), Red Dragon Inn, Game of Life and Trivial Pursuit.

There’s also the age-old option of breaking out a deck of cards. Some of the adventure is learning a new card game or even playing an old classic like Rummy or Spades.


Since some of us are limiting our celebrations to inside our homes, it’s a great time for you and your partner to cook a meal together via a cooking class, or you can go all out and try to cook your partner’s favorite dish as a romantic gesture. One of the wonders of cooking that we take for granted is that it’s the perfect time to just be with another person you care about without any pressure. Food culture is not something we think about as a society, but it is important when it comes too connecting to one another. It allows for limitless bonding where everything is okay just for this moment. Even better, cooking together can lead to intimate taste testing and cooking blunders that will make you both laugh.

Written By: Samantha Benjamin-Nolan


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